Robbie Williams canta il Natale con il Covid e diventa Boris Johnson nel video ufficiale di Can’t Stop Christmas


Natale ai tempi del Coronavirus con Robbie Williams, negli abiti di Boris Johnson a cantare che no, “nessuno può fermare il Natale“.
Effettivamente in questo delirio da pandemia ci mancava solo un’orecchiabile canzone natalizia su quanto abbia rotto il cazzo il Covid-19.

Oh what a miserable year
But what a time to be alive
Sadly some friends disappeared
It’s never been like this before (ooh, ooh)
It feels like we’re at war (ooh, ooh)
So I wonder who’s gonna decide
If we can do the Auld Lang Syne
I wish that I could do what I like
With this family of mine (ooh, ooh)
We’re going out of our minds (ooh, ooh)
So what are we to do
About your FaceTime’s and your Zooms?
There’s a room inside my mind
And it’s always here for you
Nothing’s gonna stop Christmas
No chance
You can’t take away our season
Like you can take away the why’s
(Santa’s on his sleigh, but now he’s two meters away)
The people gonna need something to believe in
After a year of being in
(We’ve got a wish list to catch the Christmas time)
If you’re wondering what I like…


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