Step Back In Time: Kylie Minogue lancia il greatest hits definitivo con il singolo NEW YORK CITY – cover e tracklist


Il countdown è arrivato quasi alla sua conclusione.
Alle ore 21:00 di questa sera una nuova canzone di Kylie Minogue sarà probabilmente realtà, a traino del greatest hits definitivo della fatina del pop.
Per celebrare i 30 anni di carriera, la mia amata ha sfornato ‘Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection’, in uscita il 28 giugno ma già in pre-order.
Due dischi celebrativi con al loro interno 41 successi e un inedito, NEW YORK CITY, che questa sera sarà probabilmente realtà.

Disco: 1
1. Can’t Get You out of My Head
2. Spinning Around
3. Love at First Sight
4. Dancing
5. In Your Eyes
6. Slow
7. All the Lovers
8. I Believe in You
9. In My Arms
10. On a Night Like This
11. Your Disco Needs You
12. Please Stay
13. 2 Hearts
14. Breathe (Radio Edit)
15. Red Blooded Woman
16. The One
17. Come into My World
18. Wow
19. Get Outta My Way
20. Timebomb
21. Kids (with Robbie Williams)
22. Stop Me from Falling

Disco: 2
1. Step Back in Time
2. Better the Devil You Know
3. Hand on Your Heart
4. Wouldn’t Change a Thing
5. Shocked (DNA 7″ Mix)
6. Especially For You – Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
7. I Should Be So Lucky
8. Celebration
9. The Loco-Motion (7″ Mix)
10. Give Me Just a Little More Time
11. Never Too Late
12. Got to Be Certain
13. Tears On My Pillow
14. Je ne sais pas pourquoi
15. What Kind of Fool? (Heard All That Before)
16. What Do I Have to Do?
17. Confide in Me (Radio Mix)
18. Put Yourself in My Place (Radio Mix)
19. Where the Wild Roses Grow (2011 Remastered Version) – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue
20. New York City


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