Il Mardi Gras di Sydney omaggia Madonna con un super medley – video


Mardi Gras presents 'Queen Of Pop' – A Tribute To The One and …

“QUEEN OF POP” WORLD PREMIERE!Sydney Mardi Gras is proud to premiere our 'Queen Of Pop' video tribute to the one and ONLY Madonna.The clip, features over 200 vogueing volunteers of all ages, performing several of Madonna’s iconic tracks, including the original recordings of Material Girl, Vogue, Express Yourself and Living For Love. Queen Of Pop is a heartfelt tribute in recognition and respect of Madonna’s support for our LGBTQI communities throughout her career. As an artist, Madonna has helped define a generation during an era that has seen huge global changes, and diversity has ALWAYS been core to her message of self-expression and love. We hope that our video tribute goes someway to reflect the sheer joy, infinite love and deep respect that our diverse LGBTQI communities have for a unique performer who continues to empower, celebrate, and support us. The clip was produced exclusively by TheFanBaseHq for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and was filmed on Valentine’s Day at Darling Harbour, Sydney during the Month Of Love celebrations. With massive thanks to all our Vogueing Volunteers, Maddison Georgopoulos and her Material Boys, Coco Jumbo, Little X, Decoda Secret and the Queen Of Pop Dancers, Rhys Bobridge and the one and only Megadonna! With special thanks to everyone at Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority & The FanBase HQ. Creative Director: Lewis Oswald, Producer: Lewis OswaldDirector: Dan Murphy, Editor: Dan MurphyChoreographer: Aaron Farley (aka Minnie Cooper) Costume Design: Ang Sinnett and Shirley Hamid

Pubblicato da Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras su Martedì 15 marzo 2016

Material Girl, Vogue, Express Yourself e Living For Love, tra adorabili bimbi, drag, trans, gay, lesbiche ed etero.
Perché Madonna non conosce limiti generazionali. Ovvero l’Australia che celebra lo sbarco di sua maestà con il Rebel Heart Tour al Mardi Gras di Sidney.
Oltre 200 figuranti.
Una meraviglia.


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  • Lady Manufactured 17 Marzo 2016 at 11:13

    Perché ste cose non le fanno con me? :S anka io zono poppestar ikonika.

  • Alex TouringAussie Laure 16 Marzo 2016 at 23:37

    Saranno anche visibili dalla luna, ma intanto turnbull vuole covunque un inutilissimo referendum dal costo stimato di 500 milioni di dollari

  • NicoNico 16 Marzo 2016 at 22:14

    Quindi a sydney arriva madonna, corteggia kylie a brisbane e probabilmente faranno qualcosa proprio durante gli spettacoli di sydney (lo spero) e poi c’è questa figata assoluta del mardì gras. Credo che in questo periodo gli arcobaleni che partono dall’australia siano visibili dalla luna.